A Swedish company Weland Solutions AB is a leading provider of solutions for warehouse management and logistics. Compact Vertical Storage Lifts are customized to suit all your industry needs and allow you to obtain faster and simpler handling of more items in a significantly smaller area:

  • One user at a vertical storage lift generally manages 2-4 more picks than in a traditional warehouse;
  • It saves 70-90% of the floor space compared to standard racks;
  • Everything from small parts and screws to long pipes, large plates or machine parts with a weight up to 1.5 tons per load tray – all stored compactly and safely.



InLead Automation AB offers automation solutions providing cost effective growth. Complete standard automation solutions, as well as solutions specifically adapted for the individual customer help to streamline the production process.



Finland-based Skanveir Oy has over 30 years of experience in developing lifting technology for handling heavy metal plates. Skanveir’s vacuum and magnetic lifters guarantee efficient, reliable and safe lifting. To make metal handling more efficient Skanveir lifters are precisely dimensioned to meet the application’s special requirements. The load is controlled easily and accurately with a radio control, operated by just one person.






  • Supply chain
  • Export strategy development for manufacturers
  • Company management services for manufacturers
  • Representation in foreign markets


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