We would like to introduce to you the Progressive Business Solutions (PBS) business case, where you will find out about the requirements one of PBS’ clients faced, and how our team successfully met the client’s needs.

The client

Our client is the German manufacturer Bär Cargolift, one of the largest tail lift manufacturers in the  EU, and due to growing demand, Bär Cargolift’s leadership has decided to invest in business expansion and open a new factory. The company considered the possibilities of building a factory in the EU.

PBS’ solution

  1. Progressive Business Solutions is the operator of the Šiauliai and Kėdainiai Free Economic Zones (FEZ). Our experts introduced the representatives of Bär Cargolift to the Lithuanian business environment and investment climate, and the advantages of our free economic zones, and the presentation encouraged Bär Cargolift to choose the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone in Lithuania for the construction of its factory.
  2. Bär Cargolift chose between manufacturing premise rent and factory construction. PBS’ experts presented arguments and calculations to Bär Cargolift which showcased why it would be worth building a factory themselves, rather than renting premises.
  3. After making the decision to build a new factory in the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone, Bär Cargolift began seeking suitable manufacturing equipment. For the first stage of manufacturing, the company required sheet bending machines and a sheet cutting laser.

Progressive Business Solutions introduced the potential and technological capacities of Bystronic to its client, a company whose interests PBS represents in the Baltic region. After evaluating the capacities of equipment on offer by Bystronic, Bär Cargolift decided to purchase the following items from Bystronic for its Šiauliai factory:

  • Bystronic sheet bending machine – Xpert Pro 150/3100 Standard
  • Bystronic sheet cutting laser – ByStar Fiber 3015 Dynamic Edition F4000

Bär Cargolift is planning the next stages of developing its factory in Šiauliai, and Progressive Business Solutions is advising Bär Cargolift regarding the purchase of further manufacturing equipment for the continued development of the factory. For example, we are currently consulting the client regarding the purchase of a warehousing system. 

In addition to this, PBS is assisting Bär Cargolift in business development by sharing its business network contacts with Bär Cargolift. The company has already started communicating with other clients of Progressive Business Solutions.

For example, PBS has an especially broad circle of contacts among manufacturing companies in Lithuania and the Baltic region, and so upon the client requesting local contractual manufacturing companies’ contacts, our experts chose suitable manufacturing partners in the Baltic region, and relayed the contacts to Bär Cargolift’s representatives. Bär Cargolift is currently in active negotiations with the business partners proposed by PBS. PBS has also shared its network of foreign manufacturing companies with Bär Cargolift.

According to the Managing Director and owner of Bär Cargolift Mr. Tobias Bär, BAR Baltic manufacturing facility will become the most efficient factory in tail lift production in the EU. Mr. Tobias Bär says that PBS was guiding Bär Cargolift from site selection, supply chain, partner network up to technological solutions. Despite the lockdown period, outstanding performance has been achieved. Bär Cargolift recommends PBS as a reliable and constant partner to develop your business.