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PBS founders Giedrius Valuckas and Tomas Jaskelevičius are among the first in Lithuania to have started streamlining business processes in manufacturing companies. Later, following global trends, they were pioneers in offering the country’s businesses advice on digitizing processes and production equipment. Over time, the digital transformation of Lithuania’s manufacturing companies became synonymous with PBS. The recognition and acclaim gained was a big reason why famous global brands wanted PBS to become their official and only partner in the Baltics. The rapidly growing number of international business contacts opened up many opportunities for clients of PBS. For many new, international suppliers, finding customers has become simpler and more precise.

Giedrius Valuckas, LinkedIn

The long-term collaboration by PBS with the world’s most successful industrial corporations has provided a first-hand look at how leading companies secure the right financing for investment and growth. The knowledge acquired has been successfully applied in consulting PBS clients.

Tomas Jaskelevičius, LinkedIn

Our progressive approach and monitoring of global trends allows us to confidently claim that PBS is a partner that offers manufacturing companies the best growth solutions based on practical knowledge.

The fact that practical knowledge is a unique quality of PBS is well demonstrated by the activities of Tomas and Giedrius in Lithuania. The founders of PBS were the initiators of the unification of Lithuanian engineering industry companies and still actively participate in the day-to-day activities of associations working in the engineering industry field – shaping the vision of the development of Lithuania’s engineering industry.

Giedrius is actively involved in the activities of institutions that aim to attract investment to Lithuania and help companies to increase exports.

Tomas contributes to the development and implementation of Lithuania’s engineering industry strategy. He also successfully helps companies keep pace with the Industry 4.0 revolution. Arginta Engineering is one of the most successful examples. Since 2007, Tomas has been actively involved in the export expansion of the ARGINTA Group’s manufacturing base. Five years after the factory opened, Arginta Engineering export volumes increased by more than 15 million EUR.

The founders of PBS also share their knowledge with future leaders by giving lectures at universities and events.


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Our achievements


PBS started its activities by exporting Lithuanian products abroad. Having gained the recognition and trust of foreign partners, PBS started looking for production partners in Lithuania for Western European industrial companies. This spawned the current PBS business consulting service – the search for new customers and suppliers.


PBS began providing production efficiency and digitization services to customers. Having helped Lithuanian producers to expand their export volumes, we encountered the problem that the business processes of Lithuanian manufacturing companies were not automated and digitized. This made it more difficult for Lithuanian producers to be reliable partners of Western European industrial corporations. PBS started cooperating with Monitor ERP software vendors from Sweden.


PBS expanded its range of services and started advising customers not only on processes, but also on the digitization of production equipment. We started representing the interests of Western European companies whose equipment could be fully integrated into the digital business process.


We started to bring the Lithuanian manufacturing community together to represent manufacturing companies in international markets and to share know-how between companies. The founders of PBS participated in the establishment of the Baltic Automotive Componenents Cluster and in the transformation of the Lithuanian Engineering Industry Association LINPRA.


PBS clients from Western Europe, with whom we had been working since 2006 when building the supply chain in Lithuania, began taking an interest in localizing relocating? production to the Baltic States. PBS started to actively consult its partners from Western Europe on investment and development opportunities in Lithuania.


The transformation of Arginta Engineering was implemented: processes were fully digitized and the increase of operational efficiency was implemented throughout the company. Thanks to its transformation, the company’s export volumes have increased more than 20-fold since 2015.


We actively grew the number of partners and customers. In total, we have completed more than 500 projects.


We revamped the PBS brand to make it easier for customers to understand the benefits of our comprehensive services. Our services are presented as a comprehensive package.