We provide tools for investment and business development

To keep your business growing quickly, it’s important to keep looking for additional financing opportunities. PBS is well acquainted with different sources of funding, from EU Structural Funds to private investment. The experience and knowledge we have gained also helps to advise our clients on planing mergers or acquisitions.

Selection of financing; consultation on EU funding instruments

Opportunity for business development in free economic zones managed by PBS

Business sales opportunity assessment (M&A)

Why us?

Our experience allows us to find the best sources of financing for manufacturing companies. We prepare investment projects, help to obtain the necessary funds from external investment sources and EU structural funds. If necessary, we mediate in finding a strategic investor and help sell a company’s shares.

Together with EIKA, we operate in two free economic zones (Kėdainiai and Šiauliai).

We actively encourage local and foreign production companies to establish in our managed FEZ and industrial park. 

The FEZ infrastructure is fully prepared to get established quickly. Land plots are formed according to the client’s needs, their size can be from 1 to 30 ha.  

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Success story

A Ukrainian company, animal feed manufacturer Kormotech, has opened a factory in the Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone. The total investment amounts to more than 10 million EUR.

Business case

Bär Cargolift, one of the largest manufacturers of tail lifts in Europe, was planning to expand its business and open a new factory. The company was considering building a plant in Lithuania or Bulgaria.

Solutions offered to the customer by PBS

  • A presentation to Bär Cargolift on the Lithuanian business environment and investment climate, the advantages of free economic zones. The presentation prompted Bär Cargolift to choose Lithuania, Šiauliai Free Economic Zone, for the construction of its plant;
  • Arguments and calculations were presented showing the advantages of building a factory as opposed to renting premises;
  • During the implementation of the construction project in Lithuania, Bär Cargolift was introduced to human resources agencies, construction design and execution companies, and potential supply chain partners;
  • During the implementation of the construction project in Lithuania, PBS provided the customer with solutions which increase production efficiency and allow digital management of production processes.


The comprehensive solutions provided by PBS have enabled Bär Cargolift to quickly build one of the most efficient tail lift plants in Europe.

The arrival of Bär Cargolift will also strengthen the Lithuanian engineering industry sector and engineering expertise in the region.