We help manufacturing companies to work more efficiently

PBS offers a wide range of tools to help businesses work more productively. Our unique experience enables us to advise customers on how to improve production processes, what digital solutions to use and how managers can manage companies more efficiently.

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Why us?

We rely on practice, not theory. Our knowledge and advice is based on many years of practical experience in the manufacturing field. Because we have an excellent understanding of the specifics of manufacturing businesses, we will analyze your business, quickly find its inefficiencies and their reasons, and offer the best solution, which we will implement together with you.

Success story

During my career, I had to implement several different ERP systems, with different implementers both from Lithuania and abroad, in various companies and various businesses – trade, service, and production. Due to its complexity, the most difficult task is production – more processes take place, there are more participants and it is very important that everything is synchronized between different divisions of the company – sales, technologists, production, purchases, bookkeeping, and business accounting.

When I first saw the Monitor system, I realized that this ERP system is a well-thought-out, production-oriented product. Importantly, all the company’s departments use a single ERP system, which saves precious resources, such as the number of employees, reduces the investment in inventories, ensures timely production of products and the supply of the necessary raw materials, avoids overproduction, and, most importantly, allows to get the most accurate and timely data/facts for making decisions. Using all the modules of the program not only saves resources, but also leads to the adoption of modern company management methods and processes.

The important thing for me in dealing with PBS is that they have a full and thorough understanding of the Monitor system, they solve issues promptly, and communication is uncomplicated/simple, which allows us to move forward quickly and make important decisions.

Nerijus Pacevičius, Head of Lietwood

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